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ARBEL PULSE GRAIN INDUSTRY & TRADE S.A. maintains its production facilities in Mersin, Turkey with ad daily capacity of 4000 metric tons.
     The Arbel Group premises in Mersin are located on a 100.000 sq meter parcel of land equipped with 50.000 metric tons storage capacity steel silo facilities and more than 70.000 metric tons storage capacity in horizontal production and processing through a continuous Research and Development program.

     Arbel S.A. facilities include cleaning, calibration, peeling, splitting and colour sorting lines for the production, processing and export of red split lentils, whole red lentils, green lentils, chickpeas, dried peas, white beans, bulgur. Trading activities include edible oils and sugar, vegetable oil, salt, high enery biscuits, pp bags, jute bags, cover sheet, textile, house textile, and agricultural equipment, potatoes, fresh fruit and vegetable, construction materials, such as cement, bricks, steel, wood, electrical cable and electrical equipment, marble, pipes, furniture and housewares.

Alliance Grain Traders Facilities
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Saskcan Pulse Trading - Main Plant - Regina SK United Pulse Trading Plant - Williston ND
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Saskcan Pulse Trading - Pulse Depot Division Saskcan Pulse Trading - Rosetown Division
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Australia Milling Group Saskcan Pulse Trading - Horizon Division
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Saskcan Pulse Trading - Milestone Division Saskcan Pulse Trading - Agtech Division
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Saskcan Pulse Trading - Parent Division Alliance Grain Traders
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Saskcan Pulse Trading - Wilkie Division Saskcan Pulse Trading - Assiniboia Division
Saskcan Pulse Trading - Gibbons Division
A. Poortman (London) Ltd
83-85 Mansell Street,
London E1 8AN
+44 (0) 20 7264 5000
A. Poortman Holland
Meester van Coothstraat 7 A
5141 EP Waalwijk
+31 (0) 416 369120
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