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Our Quality Commitment is based on;

    We work towards always offering solutions for all of our customers - ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction each and every time.
  • Encouraging the participation of all employees and fully completing all tasks in a timely manner first time and every time.
  • Providing an honest, tolerant, and devoted working environment where our staff works together with team spirit towards continuous improvement, education and development.
  • Producing, with advanced technology and in a hygienic environment, our products according to the standards set out by the Turkish Food Codex, and to this end conforming to the provisions of food safety and our management policies.
  • Ensuring the sustainable production of a high-quality product, produced for the domestic and international markets.
  • Always striving to increase and augment our production capacity and product range and offerings.
  • Guaranteeing not only high quality but also product safety in our products and production processes including microbiological, chemical, and physical analyses.


    To serve as a model for and a leader in our industry, both nationally and internationally.

  • To keep our consumers and customers informed about our industry, new products, developments, possible risks and opportunities.
  • To represent the pulse industry both at the national and international level.
  • To lead our industry and work to increase our market share in current markets and creating opportunities new markets.
  • To offer first-class products and services to both the domestic and international markets.
  • To enable and encourage our industry to act as a modern and mature sector with active participation by both management and corporations in the advancement of our industry.

  • Respecting human health, human life, and the rights of our staff.
  • Respecting the environment and acting in a ecologically sustainable manner
  • Treating all countries, regions, and people we work with equality.
  • Promoting management principles based on equality and participation.


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