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For over 50 years from its base in Mersin, Turkey, Arbel Group consist of Arbel S.A, DURUM and TURKPULSE has been a leader in the production, processing and export of grains, pulses, and other food products. Arbel, a subsidiary of AGT Food and Ingredients Inc., a Canadian company trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:AGT), is the largest exporter in Turkey of pulses and a major producer of other staple foods, including bulgur, pasta and rice. In 2009, all food related operations of Arbel Group where acquired by AGT Food and Ingredients Inc., adding to a total of 21 facilities in Canada, the U.S., Australia and Turkey.

Arbel Group ranked number three in the 2009 Turkish Export Rankings by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, on its annual Second 500 List of Industrial Enterprises.

Arbel Group processing activities include cleaning, peeling, sifting, splitting, electronic colour sorting and calibration for red and green lentils, chickpeas, beans, bulgur, pasta, and semolina. Arbel Group facilities are located on a 100,000 square metre compound and operate with a combined daily capacity of 4,000 metric tons, featuring 50,000 metric tons of steel grain silos and 70,000 metric tons of horizontal storage capacity. A full-line of commercial packaged pulses, rice, bulgur and beans are available for the domestic Turkish market and for export. Bulgur and pasta production facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment processing high quality Anatolian durum wheat, with a monthly production capacity of 8,000 metric tons for bulgur, 10,000 metric tons for pasta and 13,000 metric tons for semolina, which is also used in pasta production. The Arbella Pasta brand, with over 20 long and short cut varieties, is exported to 25 countries in Africa, Europe, North America, and the Far East including Japan. Arbella Family, pasta for children in the shape of popular cartoon characters such as Loony Tunes and the Justice League, is produced as part of a licensing agreement with Warner Bros.

Arbel Group facilities are located eight kilometres from the Port of Mersin, Turkey’s largest port for the export of agricultural and food products, and include duty-free warehousing facilities in the Mersin Free Zone. This location provides logistical advantages in sea and land connections for the shipment of products to global markets.

Other Arbel Group activities include trading of goods such as rice, vegetable oils, crystal sugar, iodized table salt, vitamin-added biscuits, fresh fruits and vegetables. Non-food products traded include poly propylene sacks, jute bags, plastic cover sheets, textiles, blankets, construction materials, timber, iron, cement, briquettes, electric cables, marble, installation pipes, fittings and other home supplies. Arbel Group has been active in the supply of food and emergency relief items to international aid organizations, United Nations aid organizations and the Red Cross/Red Crescent for over 25 years.

Arbel Group is committed to quality with standards certifications including TÜV Cert EN ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, BRC and IFS Quality Control System Certificates. In addition to its focus on quality production, customer service and market leadership, Arbel continues to strengthen its business with ongoing employee training and investments in research and development programs for the development of new products, production technologies and techniques.

For over a half century, Arbel Group has been a leading processor and exporter of grains, pulses, and other food products for domestic and international markets. As part of AGT Food and Ingredients Inc., Arbel Group continues its commitment to delivering high quality Turkish origin products to customers around the globe. Together Arbel Group and Alliance Grain Traders create value for producers, quality products for our customers and growth for our shareholders.

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